While regular advertising and marketing strategies are necessary to spread a company’s branding and increase brand recognition, the need for X factor in promoting corporate branding or message is still a huge challenge in today’s business landscape. This rings true, especially for small to medium-sized businesses who are counting on word of mouth and customer loyalty for the majority of their marketing campaigns. One of the easiest and cost effective approaches to this dilemma is to use promotional products in conjunction to regular marketing strategies


Below are just a few of the time-proven benefits of using promotional products for corporate/business branding.

Cost Effectiveness and Longevity

In the advertising world, marketing strategies are financially measured by cost per impression (CPI). With an average CPI of $0.004, promotional products are one of the most cost effective form of advertising. Not to mention, promotional products like pens and fans are usually passed on from one person to another, thus extending the reach of your company/message beyond your original target market. This not only further reduces your CPI but also extends the life of your campaign period, without any additional cost to you.


Brand Recognition and Visibility

By giving away products that are used in your customers’ (or target market’s) daily lives, you give them the opportunity to recall your company even months after losing the product. Whether it’s a cap, a key chain or a tumbler you’re giving away, constant everyday usage will ingrain your company’s name into the minds of your customers. They will therefore be more likely to remember it when they need a service or product that you are offering.


A Great Alternative/Booster to Business Cards

While business cards still have their niche and value in the business world, savvy business owners do not limit their personal marketing strategies to just paper anymore. With the realization that customers are not likely to look through their Rolodex or just search online for a product or a service, many companies have started to follow the industry’s trend towards promotional products. Research indicates that over 70 percent of trade show (and corporate event) attendees remember a company name after they’ve been given its branded product. This proves that with the right message (ie, your contact information), your promotional products become viable extenders to business cards which may just be left lying around or worse, discarded, after your event. Because of your product’s utility, customers are more likely to hang on to it.


Flexibility: Tailor Your Products According to your Event/Industry/Target Market



Why give away business cards and pamphlets at a car show when you can give race-themed products? Promotional products open up a whole new world of marketing strategies that can be tailored to the event you are attending, to the industry you are in, and to the demographic you are targeting. By that logic, why limit the message on your promotional products to just your company name and contact info? You can successfully incorporate promotional products to your social media marketing strategy by including your hashtag and QR codes on the imprint area of these promotional products.


Customer Loyalty

The backbone of any business is providing exceptional products and services. But in these modern internet age, sometimes this trait is overlooked as customers start looking for something more in order to be loyal to a brand. That’s where promotional products come in. By offering high quality and personalized products to reward all customers - new and loyal ones alike, you put yourself one step ahead of the competition by providing something that others don’t:added value. You can also use promotional products as tools for boosting retention and sales. After conducting research, you can organize contests and giveaways and use promotional products as prizes.